At Court – ICMC

Initial Case Management Conference, aka “ICMC”

In Minnesota family court cases, the ICMC refers to the Initial Case Management Conference. The ICMC is the first time that the parties (and their lawyers – if the parties are represented) appear in court.

initial case management conference

The Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) is typically scheduled 3 to 4 weeks after a case is filed with the court. However, scheduling depends largely on the court’s calendar and the judge’s availability.

Parties, or if represented-their attorneys, will receive the Notice of Initial Case Management Conference from the court when this is scheduled. All parties and attorneys are expected to attend the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC).

Purpose of the Initial Case Management Conference

The purpose of the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) is to begin the case in an orderly fashion, meet the judge, to promote an organized process throughout the case, and to help the parties settle the case, if possible.

The court will not grant any relief or hear any requests at the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) unless both parties have already agreed to something and wish to state it to the court.

What Happens at the Initial Case Management Conference? 

When the parties are represented by attorneys, the attorneys will often meet before the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC).


The attorneys will typically discuss scheduling issues, what kind of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) may be appropriate, and if there is anything one party wants to request of the other through the attorneys.

Keep in mind that these requests are informal at this point.

The Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC) is a brief process. It lasts usually no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Attorneys will speak to the judge for their clients and will talk about what the parties have agreed on. This includes scheduling and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). After the judge is satisfied, the judge will usually sign off on an order or orders with the agreed-upon provisions. Parties who have attorneys do not need to speak during the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC).

The next steps in a family law case will depend largely on what happens at the Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC). There are a wide variety of options designed to help parties tailor the processes to their specific situation.

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