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Credit goes to the generous authors listed below for their photographs.

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Name of Image and Photographer

  • Money by 401 (K) 2013
  • Hand Holding Bank Roll by Steven Depolo
  • Teacher by Roberto Verzo
  • Interviews by Heinrich-Boll Stiftlung
  • Clean as a Whistle by Brett Neilson
  • Pen, diary & glasses by Generation Bass
  • Courtroom by Karen Neoh
  • Serious Bride by Erik Przekop
  • Mrs. & Mrs. Wife & Wife by Purple Sherbet Photography
  • Watercolor Spectrum Thank you Card by Tengrrl
  • Black & White Justice by Phil Roeder
  • IMG_7842 by Paul De Los Reyes
  • Jury by Phil Roeder
  • Innocence of a Child by Edward Musiak
  • Larrison Family Easter 2014 by Jim Larrison
  • Kids by Pawel Loj
  • 3 Poor Kids by Eddy Van 3000
  • Handshake by Aiden
  • Talk to the Hand by Mehalie Stackpole
  • Save Money by 401(K) 2012
  • Amazing Office by Chris Miller
  • Disagree v. Agree by WW Watanabe
  • Today’s Verdict by Nanny Snowflake
  • 401K by Tax Credits
  • MN State Capital by Michael Hicks
  • 90 by Bjorn Soderqvist
  • Jury 1 by Matt Freedman
  • Child Advocates II by Second Judicial Circuit GAL Program
  • Proud GAL Volunteer Magnet by by Second Judicial Circuit GAL Program
  • Poster of a Child by Second Judicial Circuit GAL Program
  • Volunteers Taking the Oath by Second Judicial Circuit GAL Program
  • Smart Kids by Andrew Currie
  • Kids & 50mm 1.2 by Powel Loj
  • Airplane Interior by Ma1974
  • Eowyn Relaxed by Paul Schultz
  • Moving Boxes by Meathead Movers
  • Golden Guys APR Home by Scott Maxwell